Negative Emission Mobility Worldwide

Negative Emission Mobility made possible with our innovative Product-Service Bundle

The Product

StrawMethaneBeyond!ZeroEmission is a direct outcome of our Negative Emission Technology. It is a Biofuel with two revolutionary attributes: – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

First, StrawMethaneBeyond!ZeroEmission is greenhouse gas negative(!). Compared to its fossil equivalent, natural gas, it offers a CO2-reduction of 400%. As its emission reduction is the most challenging to address, it has become our primary goal to use our CO2-negativity to (over-)decarbonize global mobility. We do so by capturing more carbon from the atmosphere than our customers‘ cars emit.

Second, StrawMethaneBeyond!ZeroEmission is based on the agricultural residue „straw“. Unlike existing biofuel producers, we do not make use of food or fed as feedstock to our production. As there is enough hunger on our planet, it was vital to us to create an advanced biofuel which further differentiates itself from its conventional counterparts.

The Service

Obviously we cannot distribute our CO2-negative biofuel Straw-MethaneBeyond!ZeroEmission to all our customers across the planet. It wouldn’t be economical, let alone sustainable. We have hence thought of an alternative way to make you benefit from negative emissions no matter your proximity to us.

By becoming a CMS customer, you automatically receive our CO2-reporting service free-of-charge. Said service helps us determine your exact real-driving emissions on a monthly basis. Based on this data we feed corresponding amounts of our CO2-negative biofuel into those fuel networks or LNG hubs close to our production facilities. By doing so, we ensure that the emission reduction performances remain where they belong the mobility sector.

So no matter your driving behavior, make and model of your car, or proximity to CMS, in exchange for a little fee you receive our whole bundle and actively contribute to the preservation of our planet today.

Substantial Benefits

No Compromises

Switching your car from a regular Gasoline unit to alternative drive systems is not necessary. We can instantaneously make any car CO2-negative, no matter how much it emits. Whether you feel guilty for the emissions of your heavy SUV, or simply care about the environment, negative emission mobility is for you.

Even better, making your car CO2-negative doesn’t require any effort. All it takes is the installation of our CO2-reporting device via simple Plug & Play into the OBD2 slot of your vehicle. Once installed, we start compensating for your car’s emissions with our CO2-negative StrawMethaneBeyond!ZeroEmission.

Revolutionary Sustainability

Alternative drive systems like E-mobility or H2 fail to question the origin of electricity. To this date, and up to 2050, the majority of electricity generated on our planet remains predominantly fossil or nuclear. These systems thus simply pass the sustainability problem from you, the end customer, over to the energy generation sector.

We redefined sustainable mobility by making it greenhouse gas negative. Not only can we provide millions of people with CO2-free fuel (well-to-wheel), but our CO2-negativity allows us to compensate for emissions that stem from the production and disposal of every vehicle, thereby making them truly emission-free (cradle-to-grave).

Responsible & Ethical Production

Growing fears over the safe supply of oil and the resulting global rush of conventional biofuel productions have led to devastating land use conflicts. The deforestation of large jungle areas on the Malay part of Borneo for the production of biofuels with corn and palm oil creates just one of many examples that provoked fatal effects on the local ecosystem and global prices of food.

We have thus dedicated ourselves to create a process that utilizes the agricultural residue „straw“ as feedstock to our CO2-negative biofuel production. Even better: the process further creates a special biochar with great fertilization properties  By spreading it on infertile crop land, we aim to stimulate agriculture, not misuse or exploit it.

Cost Benefits

Acquisition costs of electric and H2 vehicles are substantially higher when compared to regular Gasoline or CNG vehicles. Depending on the model, one has to cover a range of up 120,000 Kilometers to compensate for them.  By becoming a CMS customer, you not only maximize sustainability by making use of CO2-negative mobility, but you benefit from the lower acquisition and insurance costs.

Even further, in order to foster the purification of our cities‘ air, we reward drivers of CNG vehicles with a 5% discount on their subscription.