Artificial Intelligence – The CMS CO2-Reporting System

1. Motivated by finding a method to determine the exact emission quantities to compensate for our customers, we have developed a patented Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based algorithm for a OBD2 Plug & Play device – our AI-CO2-reporting system. The device can be easily plugged into the OBD2 plug of every vehicle. Once installed, it wirelessly transmits your vehicle data to our AI-Data warehouse,  from where your exact emissions are calculated. We then feed the corresponding amount of CO2-negative, or -free biogas into your local gas grid or LNG-hub. CMS customers only pay a small deposit for the device itself, and receive the corresponding service free-of-charge.

2. Although every vehicle model is tested for its sustainability prior to mass-scale production, it is known that these data fail to adequately represent actual occurring emissions. The CO2 emitted by every car depends heavily on factors that cannot be determined in laboratory settings – e.g. the throttle behavior of every customer, the number of passengers transported or the ever changing traffic and road conditions. The application of our AI-based CO2-reporting system is thus advantageous for two groups: customers & policy makers.

For Customers

Every customer of StrawMethaneBeyond!ZeroEmission and Zero3 automatically receives the CO2-reporting service for free. We use your vehicle specific emission data to determine the exact quantity of CO2 we have to (over)-compensate for. This patented IT system is thus a major component in making your vehicle CO2-free or -negative. Even better, at the end of every month you can receive a free report stating the exact amount of greenhouse emissions you helped us abstract from the atmosphere.

Even if you don’t acquire our negative- or free-emission product-service bundle, in exchange for a little fee, our CO2-reporting system is still able to determine the emissions of your personal car. Ultimately we can help you trace the mobility aspect of your personal environmental footprint.

For Policy Makers

The abilities of our independent CO2-reporting system allow policy makers to render more realizable mobility emission reduction targets. Car makers become inclined to further develop more sustainable solutions and certain customer groups are being prevented from becoming the victims of further emission scandals. Discussions of what constitutes real-driving emissions become redundant and every future oriented mobility decision will become fact-, not theory-based.

Having such fact-based climate policies in combination with fair and grey-area-free international competition among car manufacturers is an important step towards setting sustainable mobility standards, promoting health and ultimately fighting climate change.