CO2-removal service

Although we have made it our primary goal to decarbonize global mobility, we do not want to withhold our sustainable Negative Emission Technology from other sectors.

Scientists around the world agree that climate change is primarily driven by the massive CO2 emissions of human activities. Unfortunately, a lot of these activities are heavily, or in their entirety, dependent on fossil resources. The aviation industry, for instance, does not have any viable alternative to fossil-based Kerosin as propulsion to its turbines.

In like manner, energy-heavy operations, such as bitcoin mining or battery productions, may in theory function based on renewable resources, but are in fact subject to the often unsustainable power generation mix of their respective countries – E.g. over 65% of China’s power generation remains coal-based.

As climate change affects us all, it is our duty to help one another on an individual level – cherry picking who is or isn’t able to reduce emissions has become inapposite. In the light of the latest IPCC report on climate change, it is of vital importance to decarbonize our atmosphere ASAP and not wait on half-hearted or local policies to come to effect.

Decarbonization, for those who cannot mitigate CO2 emissions themselves, has to be affordable. As our NET is able to remove significant amounts of CO2, we can offer said reduction to any business‘, operation’s or individual’s past, present and future emissions to revolutionary prices.

„Since climate change affects us all, we need to develop a sense of the oneness of humanity“Dalai Lama
“To get to net-zero emissions, we need to have […] things which will suck the CO2 out of the air to compensate for the ongoing release.”Prof. Joanna Haigh
„The next few years are probably the most important in our history.“Debra Roberts, Co-Chair IPCC WG II

Carbon Footprint Removal for Anybody

No matter your type of business…

…it can be as environment friendly as you want it to be. Whether it is hard to decarbonize in its nature, heavily energy dependent or you simply want to lead the way towards a sustainable future, our CO2-removal is for you. Our Negative Emission Technology makes no difference between the types, stages and sizes of your business and is thus able to decarbonize car manufacturer’s productions, airline’s operations, bitcoin mining, office spaces, cafés, or any other business endeavour startup to mature.

CMS Certified Sustainability

By applying our CO2-removal to your business, you recognize climate change as a global problem and actively fight to make our world sustainable. To award and help spread this vital mindset, you will receive a CMS Certificate of Sustainability to showcase to your customers, clients, employees and business partners.

How it works

Simply create a CMS account and send us your energy and heating consumption data. We then evaluate your country-specific energy-mix, calculate corresponding emissions and capture the equivalent amount of CO2 from the atmosphere.

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